General Terms
General Terms

The general terms apply to the legal relationship between all persons and the ordering and purchasing of products through the Totaledu ordering environment (managed by Totaledu OÜ reg code 14389154).

In addition to these general terms and conditions, the legal relationships arising from the ordering of products through the ordering environment of Totaledu are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Totaledu OÜ has the right to amend and supplement these general terms and conditions and the price list.

Amendments to the terms and conditions and the price list are notified via the website and will take effect upon the publication of the respective amendment or supplement.

Order Cart, Order Form and Delivery

The contents of the cart can be modified by adding suitable products, changing quantities or removing unnecessary items.

Read the general terms and conditions of Totaledu OÜ and confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions before placing your order. Fill in the contact field information and choose the appropriate delivery method for your product. Confirm your order with important order information.

The order will be forwarded to Totaledu OÜ sales department. We will contact the Customer informing about stock availability and order fulfillment time.

The sales contract of products will be deemed concluded when the amount due is received into the bank account of Totaledu OÜ.

Payment for Products

Products and services can be paid for by invoice or cash at Totaledu OÜ offices.

Totaledu OÜ is subject to VAT (VAT: EE102040104). Prices displayed in the ordering environment include VAT.

Product Delivery

After the sales contract is concluded, the product will be delivered to the Customer at the place of delivery specified in the order.

It is possible to choose between Omniva courier delivery, SmartPost or Omniva parcel delivery service. The ordered goods can also be picked up at Totaledu OÜ offices in Tallinn or Tartu.

For orders over 50 EUR, free shipping within Estonia. For orders under 50 EUR, the shipping fee of 5.40 EUR will be added to the prepayment notice.

If you are a private person, the courier company will contact the person to specify the time of delivery of the product to the destination indicated on the order. For legal entities, the order will be delivered without prior contact.

It is not possible to change the destination later.

If the packaging or product is damaged during transportation, please notify Totaledu OÜ Customer service immediately at Terms of Delivery are valid in the territory of the Republic of Estonia.

Cancellation and Returns

If the product purchased through Totaledu OÜ ordering environment is not suitable for the Customer for any reason, it is possible to return or exchange it for a suitable product within 14 days. The product can be returned to Totaledu OÜ in Tallinn or Tartu. Costs related to the return are borne by the Customer.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, the product to be returned must be in its original packaging (may be open but not damaged) and in its original state, together with proof of purchase. If the returned product is damaged, we have the right to make a claim for impairment of the product to the Customer. Totaledu OÜ has the right to submit claims due to the decrease in the value of the product to the Customer no later than two months after the return of the product.

We will refund the amount paid for the returned product to the Customer within 14 days after returning the product.

Warranty and return of non-conforming products

Totaledu OÜ is not responsible for:

  • for defects caused by improper use, maintenance or neglect of the product
  • fault of the user for damage to the product
  • normal physical wear of the product during normal use

In the event of non-conformity or defect of the product, the Customer has the right to demand replacement of the product or to withdraw from the contract and return the non-conforming product. We will refund the amount paid for the returned product to the Customer within 14 days after returning the product.


Totaledu OÜ is liable to the Customer and the Customer is liable to Totaledu OÜ for the damage caused to the other party by these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. If the performance of a party's obligations (or any part thereof) is made impossible by force majeure, which is a matter beyond the control of the party, the party shall not be liable for the failure to perform the obligation until the obstacle has passed.

Other terms and conditions

All personal information obtained during the visit to Totaledu OÜ ordering environment and when making orders / purchases will be treated as confidential information. Issues not mentioned in these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Estonia. Any disputes between the Customer and Totaledu OÜ regarding the ordering and purchase of products through the ordering environment will be settled by negotiations. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the Customer has the right to appeal to the Consumer Disputes Committee under Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority or the court.


Product images are for illustrative purposes only.

Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice, and considering that, the Customer is entitled to cancel the order.

Totaledu OÜ reserves the right to cancel the order if the price displayed in the ordering environment is incorrect due to human error or technical system failure.

Product information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, so data may be updated since the Customer's last visit to the ordering environment. Product data may be inaccurate due to incomplete data provided by manufacturers. In this case, Totaledu OÜ assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data displayed in the ordering environment. We recommend that you check the accuracy of product information with Totaledu OÜ Customer Support at 65 65 345. The General Terms apply to all products and services purchased through our ordering environment.


The warranty period set by the manufacturer applies for legal entities. The basis of the claim is the purchase document. During the period of submission of the complaint, the Customer has the right to repair or replace the product free of charge. If the fault is caused by the manufacturer, the material, labor and spare parts are covered. The claim does not cover the elimination of errors caused by failure to comply with the operating instructions. The right to submit a claim is not extended to damages arising out of transport after the goods have been delivered to the Customer.

Totaledu OÜ will not replace the product or eliminate any deficiencies which are caused by:

  • improper use or maintenance
  • mechanical or moisture damage
  • the product has been repaired or maintained by a person not authorized by the manufacturer
  • if the Customer has been notified of the defect by Totaledu OÜ prior to the purchase
  • the product serial number or sticker has been damaged / removed

Totaledu OÜ relies on the expertise of person authorized by the manufacturer to determine liability. If, as a result of the examination, the defect is caused by the reasons listed above, the Customer will be able to repair / replace the product for a fee. Any product with moisture or mechanical damage will be repaired only for a fee.

The expert fee for the device is borne by the Customer if Totaledu OÜ is not responsible for the elimination of the defect in the product and the product cannot be repaired or the defect is not found in the product and it meets the technical requirements.

To submit a claim, please send an application to or call Totaledu OÜ contact phone 65 65 345.