Counting Rods in 10 colours (30 pcs)
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Coloured conting rods made of RE-Wood® with milled divisions (Cuisinaire and Dienes system combined).

11 ones white 1x1x1 cm, 5 twos red 2x1x1 cm, 4 threes green 3x1x1 cm, 3 fours pink 4x1x1 cm, 2 fives yellow 5x1x1 cm, 1 six dark green 6x1x1 cm, 1 seven black 7x1x1 cm, 1 eight brown 8x1x1 cm, 1 nine blue 9x1x1 cm, 1 ten orange 10x1x1 cm.

Packed in cardboard box with instructions in german language.