Dino-Lite digital microscopes

Dino-Lite digital microscopes provide a powerful, portable and feature rich solution to microscopic inspection at up to 500x magnification and 5M pixel resolution. High quality imaging and optics, feature rich software, advanced hardware features as well as world class support and warranty set the Dino-Lite range apart from lesser products. With over 70 models to choose from the Dino-Lite digital microscope and DinoEye microscope eyepiece camera range offers multiple connectivity options including USB models for PC or Mac and TV or VGA models for computerless operation. Specialist illumination options, numerous magnification and working distance configurations and a wide range of stands and accessories mean there is a Dino-Lite product solution to suit most applications and budgets from the home user through to the most demanding professional.


backlight with polarization filter
0a62ed3f4013048f73e2acf75835aec1.jpgThe BL-ZW1 backlight accessory opens up a whole new range of applications. The BL-ZW1 can be powered over USB or the DC adapter. The backlight has a built in, freely rotatable polarizer. The accessory is ideally suited to work with Dino-Lite models that have the polarization filter.
Compact stand Dino-Lite

From metal; 7.5cm (W) x 10cm (L) x 14,5cm (H), weight 500g

digital microscope Dino-Lite Basic
AM2111.jpgThe Dino-Lite AM2111 is the basic model USB microscope with two ranges of magnification, 10~70x and up to 200 x magnification. The AM2111 features improved color rendering, compared to its predecessor. It is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface.
digital microscope Dino-Lite Basic
AM3113T.jpgThe AM3113T has both the measurement functions and the Microtouch button to capture pictures directly from the Dino-Lite. The improved image sensor provides a high quality image with very natural colors and it also offers a high refresh rate for better real time images. It is an affordable solution for industrial, scientific and business use.
digital microscope Dino-Lite EDGE
AM4815ZT.jpgThe Dino-Lite Edge models provide superior image quality and a high level of flexibility due to the adaptable cap design. The built-in adjustable polarizer reduces glare and reflection on shiny objects. With the Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) feature, the details of darker or brighter areas within the object can be revealed by stacking images at different exposure levels. The Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) feature automatically stacks images at different focus level to improve the depth of field on rough or uneven surfaces. Different caps are supplied with the microscope making the Dino-Lite Edge the perfect choice for any professional application.
digital microscope Dino-Lite HR
AM7013MT.jpgThe Dino-Lite AM7013MT has a 5 megapixel sensor for crystal clear images, even under higher magnification. Because of the very high resolution, the AM7013MT is the ideal solution for displaying microscopic images on large screens or using the microscopic images for printing.
digital microscope Dino-Lite Premier
AM4013MZT.jpgModel AM4013MZT Dino-Lite Premier Interface USB 2.0 Product Resolution 1.3M pixels (SXGA) Magnification Rate 20x~50x, 200x Sensor Color CMOS Frame Rate Up to 30fps Save Formats Image: DinoCapture2.0: BMP, GIF, PNG, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, WBMP, JP2, JPC, JPG, PGX, RAS, PNM DinoXcope: PNG, JPEG Movie: DinoCapture2.0: WMV, FLV, SWF DinoXcope: MOV Microtouch Touch sensitive trigger on the microscope for taking pictures Lighting 8 white LED lights switched on/off by software Polarizer Yes Measurement Function Yes Calibration Function Yes Operating System Supported Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP MAC OS 10.4 or later Unit Weight 140(g)
digital microscope Dino-Lite Premier
AM4113TL-M40.jpgThe AM4113TL-M40 is a special version of the long working distance series with a lower magnification rate of between 5 and 40 times.
digital microscope Dino-Lite Premier
digital microscope Dino-Lite Pro
AM4113T.jpgThe Dino-Lite Premier AM4113T is a 1.3 megapixel handheld digital microscope. The convenient Dino-Lite design allows microscopy that can be brought to the field and examine large or small objects. This model is featured with variable optical magnification capable of up to 200x. With high sensitivity 1.3 megapixels sensor to reveal more detail under high magnification.
digital microscope Dino-Lite Pro
AM4113T5.jpgThe AM4113T5 with a high magnification of 500x reveals even the smallest details on all kinds of objects. This model also provides the possibility to calibrate the microscope for measurements.
digital microscope Dino-Lite Pro
AM4113TL.jpgThe AM4113TL is a special model with long working distance up to 15 cm at 20x magnification and around 4cm at 90x magnification. The extra working distance makes the TL series an ideal solution for tasks where you need more working distance to the object, for example repair, rework or assembly tasks.
digital microscope Dino-Lite Pro
AM4113ZT.jpgThe Dino-Lite Premier AM4113ZT is a 1.3 megapixel handheld digital microscope with adjustable polarization. It is especially useful in suppressing glare from reflective materials, such as metals, plastics, or glass, and applicable in dermatology for observing the subdermal layer of skin. The convenient Dino-Lite design allows microscopy that can be brought to the field and examine large or small objects. This model is featured with variable optical magnification capable of up to 200x. With high sensitivity 1.3 megapixels sensor to reveal more detail under polarization and high magnification.
Dino-Lite Professional stand
rk-10a_4.jpgThe Dino-Lite RK-10A is a sturdy and stable high-end stand solution that can be used with all the professional Dino-Lite models. It is constructed of resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminum and offers a very precise fine-focus adjustment as well as a quick release function.
Metal stand for Dino-Lite microscopes
MS34B.jpgThe MS34B allows precision focus and stable viewing in a compact design. Due to the precision vertical movement of the holster, a steady view can be obtained, even at higher magnifications. The MS34B works exceptionally well with our Dino-Lite 500x models like the AM4013T5 for a quick view or stationary use. With its compact design, it will take up minimal space at home or at work and can be easily carried around with you. The MS34B is a great stand to assist focusing at high magnification and stable viewing wherever you are. Dimensions:12cm (W) x 7.6cm (L) x 13.3cm (H) Weight: 260 g
Metal stand for Dino-Lite microscopes
MS35B.jpgThe MS35B is an economical and rigid vertical desktop stand that was designed to be used with the Dino-Lite handheld digital microscope cameras. It provides up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective and as much as 20cm of vertical working distance from the object. The Dino-Lite holster is mounted onto a ball and socket jointed post, which allows for a maximum of 45 degrees of adjustable lateral viewing angles. The ball and socket jointed post is mounted onto a dove tail slider for additional focus and magnification support. Lastly the dove tail slider can be positioned onto any point of the pole for the Dino-Lite various focal distances. The precision machine crafted components of this stand provides smooth adjustment and positioning in a well balanced and stable ergonomic design. The MS35B is manufactured from a combination of resilient stainless steel and lightweight recycled aluminum. The MS35B can easily and conveniently be moved from one work area to another while enduring the harshest of work environments.
Round metal base Dino-Lite stand with flex arm
MS33W.jpgRound metal base with flexible arm and holder for the Dino-Lite. The MS33W has the possiblility to vary the height (appr. 15 mm) with a turning knob in the base. The MS33W desktop stand holds the Dino-Lite with a flexible gooseneck arm that can be bent and twisted into many positions. An additional feature of the MS33W is the fine adjustment knob in the base of the stand. Using this knob, you can focus the Dino-Lite in situations where it may be too difficult to move the adjustment dial on the microscope itself.
VGA microscope
AM4116T-TL.jpgThe Dino-Lite AM4116T connects directly to a VGA screen via a VGA (D-SUB) connector. It offers a high frame rate of up to 60fps at 800x600 resolution and has enhanced low light visibility so you can see clearly in any situation.
Wifi streamer for Dino-Lite microscopes
wf10-multiple-devices.jpgThe WF-10 WiFi Streamer allows Dino-Lite USB models to be used wirelessly in connection with an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android app on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. The WiFi Streamer is ideal for field work or presentations. Stream from one Dino-Lite to multiple devices. The WF-10 has a replaceable battery and can be used anywhere to create a WiFi signal for streaming the Dino-Lite live images.