Stereo microscopes

Euromex stereomicroscope LED with 45° binocular tube and 1.0x objective
BE-1802.jpgEyepieces Pair WF 10x/20 mm eyepieces with eyeshades Head Binocular 45° inclined tube. Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm Objectives Delivered with 1.0x fixed magnification objective, 10x total magnification, field of view 20 mm, working distance 230 mm. Other magnifications available with optional eyepieces and a 1.0x objective. All optical parts are anti‐fungus treated Stand Stable overhanging stand with pillar. Focusing adjustment. Coarse adjustment with tension control Illumination 1 W LED Incident illumination. Intensity is adjustable
Heavy stand for stereozoom microscope
Heavy stand for stereozoom microscope
macroscope 20x
wp11b527f2_01_06.jpgSpecifications: - rotatable monocular tube - interchangeable widefield eyepiece WF 10x - fixed objective 2x - magnification 20x - field of view 10 mm - packed with dustcover in styrofoam case
NexiusZoom binocular zoom stereo microscope
NexiusZoom NZ1902-P_web.jpgBinocular stereo head with 0,67 x to 4,5 x stereo objective WF10x/22 eyepieces in 45° inclined tubus with diopter adjustment Total standard magnification from 6,67 to 45x Field of views 33 to 4,9 mm Work distance 110 mm Metal pillar stand with diascopic and incident 3 W LED illumination Delivered with object plate and 2 object clamps Packed in styrofoam box
StereoBlue 2/4
SB1402.jpgEyepieces Paired wide field eyepieces WF10x / 20 mm with eyeshades Head Binocular 45° inclined tubes and 360° rotatable. Diopter adjustment Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm Objectives 2x and 4x objective in revolving turret. Magnifications 20x and 40x and a field of view of 10 and 5 mm. Working distance 100 mm. Other magnifications and working distances can be reached with wide field eyepieces WF 5x/18, WF 15x/15 or WF 20x/10 and 0.5x and 1.5x additional lenses Stand Ergonomic large stand, perfect for hands support. Alloy metal cast and stove hardened off-white painted. With transparent and black/white stage plate. Coarse adjustment with tension control Illumination Incident- and transmitted adjustable LED illuminations. Both illuminations can be used at the same time
stereomicroscop AP-1
stereomicroscop AP-6
stereomicroscop AP-8
41FaQrptCIL.jpgEyepieces Paired locked-in widefield eyepieces WF10x/20 with eye shades Head Binocular 45° inclined tubes with diopter adjustment on one tube, interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm Objectives T wo objective pair 2x and 4x objectives, mounted in a revolvable nosepiece Magnifications 20 and 40x and a field of view 10/5 mm. Other magnifications can be reached with the interchangeable widefield eyepieces WF 5x, WF 15x or WF 20x Stand The binocular head is vertically adjustable along the stand rod. Rack and pinion focusing with slip-clutch mechanism, range 40 mm. The flat stand base is provided with an interchangeable black-white stage plate, 2 object clamps and an additional transparent stage plate for transmitted illumination Illumination Incident and transmitted illuminator, 12 volt 10 watt. Built-in transformer 230 volt. Other voltages on request. Complete with on/off switch and 3-wire cable with plug Packing Complete with dust cover in Styrofoam case
stereomicroscop AP-8LED
Stereozoommicroscope StereoBlue
Zoom binocularmicroscope
Zoom trinocularmicroscope