Physic kit

Different kits for physics
Air track
Basic Wind Experiment Kit
KW-BWX Turbine Generator with Wires (1) Weightlifter Nacelle Parts (1) Wind Turbine Hub (1) Power Output Board (1) Tower Base Leg (3) Tower Base Locking Ring (1) Tower Base Hub (1) Plastic Weightlifter Bucket (1) 1″ PVC Coupler (1) Blade Pitch Protractor (1) 20″ Wood Tower (1) 1/2″ Washer (25) 1″ x 3″ HDPE (1) 1″ PVC Elbow (1) Dowels* (25) Power Output Pack* (1) 3″ x 12″ x 3/32″ Balsa Wood Sheet* (5) 3″ x 12″ Chipboard Blade Sheet* (10) 4′ String* (1)
Bioenergy demo set
Demo set with one ray laser
Diffraction apparatus
Diffraction Apparatus
Dynamics Cart and Track System
product.dts._hero.001.590.332.jpgThe Dynamics Cart and Track System provides students with the tools they need to explore kinematics, dynamics, momentum, and energy. This versatile system can also be easily adapted to study optics, color, and diffraction.
Electric circuit set
Electric motor set
Electrochemistry set
Electronic building blocks
Electrostatic high voltage set
Electrostatic set
Electrostatic set
Experimental transformer
Fuel cell car
Geometric optics set PLUS (without laser)
Geometric optics student set
H-Racer 2.0 and hydrogen station
Inclined plane
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit
LabQuest 2 Physics Deluxe Package
LabQuest 2 Physics Starter Package

Can be perdormed 35 demonstration or student experiments in mechanics, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.


  • LabQuest 2
  • Motion Detector
  • Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
  • Differential Voltage Probe
  • Current Probe
Graph MatchingGo Direct® Motion Detector

Ball TossGo Direct® Motion Detector

Bungee Jump AccelerationsGo Direct® Acceleration Sensor

Newton's Third LawGo Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor

Static and Kinetic FrictionGo Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor, Go Direct® Motion Detector

Air ResistanceGo Direct® Motion Detector

Simple Harmonic MotionGo Direct® Motion Detector, Springs Set

Energy of a Tossed BallGo Direct® Motion Detector

Energy in Simple Harmonic MotionGo Direct® Motion Detector, Springs Set

Centripetal Accelerations on a TurntableGo Direct® Acceleration Sensor

Accelerations in the Real WorldGo Direct® Acceleration Sensor

Ohm's LawGo Direct® Current Probe, Go Direct® Voltage Probe, Extech Digital DC Power Supply, Vernier Circuit Board 2

Series and Parallel CircuitsGo Direct® Current Probe, Go Direct® Voltage Probe, Extech Digital DC Power Supply, Vernier Circuit Board 2

CapacitorsGo Direct® Voltage Probe, Vernier Circuit Board 2

Electrical EnergyGo Direct® Current Probe, Go Direct® Voltage Probe, Extech Digital DC Power Supply, Rotary Motion Motor Kit

Laser Optics Equipment Set
U17300_L.jpgA multitude of experiments can be performed which optimally explore and demonstrate the fundamental principles of geometrical optics. Experiments on the following topics are possible: Law of Refraction and Law of Reflection Total reflection Determining the focal length of mirrors and lenses Lens laws Optical defects and their correction (long-sightedness and short-sightedness) Actions of various optical devices (telescope, camera, microscope) Optical components such as lenses, mirrors, prisms, light sources and silk-screen foils are coated with magnetic foil and can be attached to a magnetic board or a whiteboard (U10030 or U10031) in seconds. Experiments can be performed without the need to dim the room lighting. A diode laser with 5 beams, serves as the light source (not included). The number of emitted beams can be selected using a drilled metal plate placed at the front of the laser. Six silk-screen foils (eye, camera, Galileo telescope, Kepler telescope, spherical aberration and correction, 360° angle scale) with pre-printed positions make setting-up experiments easier. Most optical elements have a base length of 100 and a thickness of 15 mm. Equipment Set includes: 6 Foils (410 mm x 290 mm) 1 Biconcave lens 4 Biconvex lenses 1 Plano-concave lens 2 Hemispherical bodies (45 mm and 75 mm radius) 1 Plane mirror 1 Concave mirror 1 Convex mirror 1 Flat parallel plate (60 mm x 100 mm) 1 Prism 1 Wave guide 1 Experiment guide Supplied with Diode laser, 5 beams
laser optics kit (interference, diffraction, holography)
los1.jpgThe Set consist of: diode laser 635nm - Pmax = 1mW/ laser class: 2 mounted in adjustable holder 2pcs mirrors mounted in adjustable holders semitransparent mirror mounted in holder polarizing filter lens image screen mounted in holder ground screen mounted in holder set of diffraction and interference structures hologram mounted in holder plastic carrycase power supply: 100-240V AC/ 3V DC battery box (2x 1.5V AA battery type) 2pcs universal holder holder of polarizing filter or lens
Mechanic set
Mechanics set
U8501000_01_SEK-Mechanics.jpg2 Stand rods with external and internal thread, 400 mm 1 Stand rod with external thread, 400 mm 2 Stand rods, 110 mm 2 Double clamps 1 Beam balance 2 Weighing pans with holders 1 Scale for balance 1 Axle rod for pulleys 1 Rolling pin with add-on weights 1 Block and tackle with two pulleys and two hooks 1 Block and tackle with two pulleys and one hook 1 Multiple pulley 1 Plastic pulley, 40 mm 4 Weights, 25 g 1 Weight, 50 g 1 Weight, 100 g 1 Magnetic base 1 Adjustable bracket 2 S-shaped hooks, 1 g 2 S-shaped hooks, 2 g 1 S-shaped hook, 5 g 1 Body for friction and inertia experiments 1 Set of plastic strips for friction experiment 1 Dynamometer 1 N 1 Dynamometer 2 N 1 Leaf spring, 330 mm 1 Coil spring with 2 eyelets, approx. 5.25 N/m 100 m of twine 2 Pointers 1 Measuring cylinder 1 Stand base for measuring cylinder 3 Strips of velour paper 1 Set square
Mini Wind Turbine
KW-MWT Nacelle Assembly (1) 10″ MINI Aluminum Tower (1) MINI Round Wood Base with Bumpers (1) Red Blade Set (1) Sound and Light Board (1) MINI Yellow Plug (1) Red Alligator Clip Cord (1) Black Alligator Clip Cord (1)
Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit
Optical bench
Optical disk
Optics Expansion Kit
Optics Kit
U85030001.jpgSet: 1 Optical bench 1 Optical lamp, 5 V, 2 W 1 Plug-in power supply, 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz 4 Tea candles 1 Plastic container 1 Slide holder, magnetic 1 F-shaped slide 1 Slide with triple and quintuple slits 1 Slide with single slit 1 Object for use as an image 1 Colour filter, red 1 Colour filter, blue 1 Acrylic block with holder 1 Semi-circular body 1 Diverging lens, flat model 1 Converging lens, flat model 1 Right-angled prism 1 Rectangular block 1 Objects for casting shadows 1 Flexible mirror, magnetic 1 Projection screen/inclined bench 2 Lenses, f = +50 mm 1 Lens, f = +100 mm 1 Lens, f = +300 mm 1 Lens, f = -100 mm 1 Set of overlays
Parallel and serial connections
Pascal Vane Apparatus
Renewable energy demo set
set for geometrical optics
set for geometrical optics
Solar and hydrogen energy demo
Solar Energy Exploration Kit
Solar Thermal Exploration Kit
Student kit - electricity
U600701.jpgIncludes: 1 Plug-in Board for Components 2 Battery Holders 1 Set of Conductors and Non-Conductors 1 Set of 10 E10 lamps 1.3 V, 60 mA 1 Set of 10 E10 lamps 3.8 V, 300 mA 3 E10 lamp sockets 2 Change-over switches 1 Toggle switch, single pole 1 Push-button (NO), single pole 1 Roll of chrome-nickel wire 1 Roll of constantan wire 1 Roll of iron wire 1 Set of 10 connecting plugs 6 Connecting plugs, 4 mm 6 Crocodile clips 1 Potentiometer, 220 O 1 Linear Resistor, 47 O, 2W 2 Linear Resistors, 100 O, 2W 2 Zinc plates 2 Copper plates 2 Carbon plates 1 Glass trough 1 Set of 3 experiment leads, red 1 Set of 3 experiment leads, blue 1 Roll of experiment cord 1 Weight, 50 g 1 Tea candle
Surface tension experiment
Thermal Power demo set
Thermodynamics set
U8502000_01_SEK-Heat.jpgSet: 1 Stand rod with internal and external threads, 400 mm 4 Wooden rods 1 Metal tube, short 1 Pointer/hook 1 Stirrer 1 Steel tube 1 Brass tube 1 Aluminium tube 1 Thermometer without scale, red liquid 2 Thermometers, -10 − 110°C, 1 K, red liquid 1 Capillary tube 1 Bimetal strip with 10-mm stub 10 Round filters 10 Sheets of thermal paper 1 Steel body 1 Lead body 1 Spirit burner 1 Beaker, 100 ml 1 Conical flask, 100 ml 1 Test tube holder with rod attachment 1 Test tube 1 Measuring cylinder, 50 ml 1 Calorimeter with heating filament, 200 ml 1 Rubber stopper with two holes 2 Rubber stoppers with one hole 1 10 g weight with hook 2 Double clamps 5 ml of food colouring 10 g of table salt 1 Holder for metal beaker 1 Metal beaker, black 1 Metal beaker, aluminium 4 g of glycerine 1 Hose 2 Round gaskets 1 Angle scale 10 Sheets of paper 5 Sheets of aluminium foil
Vernier Circuit Board
Voltage and current in electric chain
Wind energy demo set
Product name Product price with VAT
Air track 290,00
Basic Wind Experiment Kit 183,00
Bioenergy demo set 150,00
Demo set with one ray laser 95,87
Diffraction Apparatus 972,00
Diffraction apparatus 61,58
Dynamics Cart and Track System 462,00
Electric circuit set 120,67
Electric motor set 25,00
Electrochemistry set 119,78
Electronic building blocks 75,00
Electrostatic high voltage set 432,00
Electrostatic set 192,00
Electrostatic set 434,40
Experimental transformer 585,60
Fuel cell car 120,00
Geometric optics set PLUS (without laser) 294,58
Geometric optics student set 334,00
H-Racer 2.0 and hydrogen station 180,00
Inclined plane 61,36
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit 241,20
LabQuest 2 Physics Deluxe Package 1 665,00
LabQuest 2 Physics Starter Package 932,40
Laser Optics Equipment Set 451,19
Mechanic set 263,95
Mechanics set 470,40
Mini Wind Turbine 80,40
Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit 96,00
Optical bench 95,87
Optical disk 240,00
Optics Expansion Kit 282,00
Optics Kit 408,73
Parallel and serial connections 81,80
Pascal Vane Apparatus 270,31
Renewable energy demo set 324,00
Solar Energy Exploration Kit 116,40
Solar Thermal Exploration Kit 86,40
Solar and hydrogen energy demo 120,00
Student kit - electricity 543,60
Surface tension experiment 55,99
Thermal Power demo set 136,26
Thermodynamics set 366,00
Vernier Circuit Board 204,00
Voltage and current in electric chain 110,70
Wind energy demo set 264,00
laser optics kit (interference, diffraction, holography) 450,30
set for geometrical optics 153,72
set for geometrical optics 409,20