Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode
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The Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) can be used to measure the concentration of Nitrate (NO3-) in aqueous samples. Specifications: Range: 1 to 10,000 mg/L or ppm; Accuracy: ±10% of full scale (calibrated 1 to 100 mg/L); pH range: 2.5 to 11; Interfering ions: CIO4-, I-, ClO3-, CN-, BF4-; Electrode slope (log voltage vs. concentration): –56 mV/decade; Electrode resistance: 1 to 4 MΩ; Temperature range (can be placed in): 0 to 50°C (no temperature compensation); Minimum immersion: 1.1 inch; Electrode length: 155 mm; Body diameter: 12 mm; Cap diameter: 16 mm; Cable length: 100 cm.