Visocolor School reagent case
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Watertest Laboratory A really compact box – laboratory for a fast analysis of waters (e.g. drinking, water, surface water, water of aquaria). All the applied chemicals are neutral in reaction to the environment, which means, all the test solutions do not endanger water (classification for the endangering water = 0). The used test solutions can be disposed via the home waste water net. Sufficient for 50 to 60 tests: Ammonium 0,2-3 mg/l NH4+ Nitrat 1-90 mg/l NO3 Nitrit 0,02-0,5 mg/l NO2 Phosphat 0,5-15 mg/l PO43 pH 4,0-9,0 Gesamthärte 1 Tropfen = 1 °d Description in English and German.