Equipment set light and shadow
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Materials for up to 22 workstations.

Can light go around the corner? Are there coloured shadows? Why is it dark at night? Light and shadow, colour and reflection are optical phenomenons, that fascinate children. Experiments will help them to understand the natural scientific facts behind the phenomenon. The field of vision, the structure of the human eye and other secrets become comprehensible. All experiments tie in with the experiences of the children. In a playful way they will find out the laws of reflection, the composition of light and optical illusions. Playing with shadows will lead to surprising discoveries.

Light and vision • Human eye • Field of vision • Seeing in the dark • Optical illusions Reflections • Strange multiplication • Flame in water • Curved mirrors • Flexible mirrors Shadow • Shadow • Shadow play • Coloured shadows • Day and night Colours • Colours of the rainbow • Colours in the light.