Equipment set magnet and compass
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Materials for up to 24 workstations.

Lessons about magnets Children learn about the properties of magnets. Half of the bar magnets in the kit do not have pole marks so that the children learn to determine north and south poles for themselves. Lessons about the magnetic compass Experiments with suspended or floating magnets lead to an understanding of how compasses work. Children also learn to assemble their own compasses and to use them properly.

Magnet – Iron • The big material test • A ‘metal exhibition’ • Uncle Scrooge’s fishing game • The big iron test • Rusty bike? • Using paper clips to find magnets Magnetic force • The swinging paper clip • The walking scarecrow • The dancing snake • The floating paper clip Pro and Contra • The bewitched second magnet • Magnets in a tube • The bewitched garage • The submarine trip Mixed information about magnets • How people discovered magnets • The biggest magnet we know • The teacher’s magnet exhibition • Make your own magnets • Magnets without marked north poles Hanging, floating and turning magnets • Floating magnets • Hanging magnets • Making compasses, using hanging and floating magnets • Floating compass needles • ‘Real’ compass.