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Materials for 15 work groups.

Thermometers teaching unit Children learn how to make a thermometer by themselves, how to use it and how to determine freezing and boiling points of water on a thermometer without scale. This way they learn the basic terminology and theories of heat and thermal expansion. Evaporation and condensation teaching unit Children learn to understand the water cycle by finding out what happens when a liquid is converted into a gas and that a gas can be converted back into a liquid.

Thermometers teaching unit • Heating and cooling water • Heating and cooling methylated spirits • How does a thermometer function? • What is a thermometer for? • The Celsius scale • Taking temperature measurements and reading exercises Evaporation and condensation teaching unit • Converting a liquid into a gas • Water evaporates, vaporizes too • Vaporizing liquids are cooling • Can a gas be re-converted into a liquid? • What happens when steam cools down? • The water cycle • How water particles unite