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Materials for up to 25 workstations.

This kit can be used in lessons covering physical and technical subjects as well as music and languages. The kit is especially suitable for learning in groups at specific workstations but can be used for any other type of lesson too. With the help of four CDs the children learn to classify sounds and noises and to identify and name them. They also learn to distinguish similar noises. Needed in addition: One or two CD-players.

Hearing, recognising and naming sounds • Assigning pictures to noises • Recognising and naming sounds • Pairs of sounds • Miming a sound story Hearing, seeing and feeling vibrations • Secret tickling • A tuning fork in water • Tuning fork ball games • Singing needles and steel strips Making high and low tones • The rubber band zither • Building a xylophone • A panpipe • A mbira (thumb piano) Amplifying and damping sound • Loud or quiet? • The mysterious body • A sound beaker • A ‘cackle box’ Transmitting sound • Why do we have two ears? • Along the string and into your ear • A string telephone • Sound travels • The magic finger • A stethoscope • Hearing through plastic tubes Conclusion • Accompanying a story with suitable noises