Lab set - measurements
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For 18 working groups.

This case contains an easy-to-use collection of measuring devices that can be used in primary school wherever temperature, weight and length need to be learned and measured. It has proven itself in physical education in physical and biological studies, but also in mathematics lessons.

The pupils can acquire elementary and contemporary knowledge about measurement conventions as well as the functioning and use of measuring devices. In a "measurement triathlon" they demonstrate that they can select the right measuring device, use it properly and record the results.

1 - Celsius and Fahrenheit

2 - Build a thermometer yourself

3 - Build a reading trainer for thermometer scales

4 - ideas for temperature measurements

5 - Measure temperatures at home

6 - Solve tasks for measurement masters

7 - Weighing with the beam scale

8 - Build your own rocker scale

9 - See through the quick scales and use them correctly

10 - Determine the weight of sleeping folders

11 - How do you know how long a meter is?

12 - Make a tape measure for your pocket

13 - We measure each other / measuring tasks with the measuring tape

14 - Measure with the caliper out of the box

15 - Build a caliper yourself